Wednesday, November 20, 2013

House on the Hill

Hi everyone,  I'm Jackie from House On The Hill Design.
I have always loved making things, from sewing to all manner of crafts as I was growing up.  My mum was my biggest influence, she would whip up all sorts of little dresses for my dolls (from scraps of my own clothes) as I stood beside her waiting for the finished item!  What ever I wanted to make, she would help me figure out a way of doing it.

I'm all grown up now with kids of my own (and they have grown up too!)  When they were little I started creating little wooden painted animals and houses and tried out different painting techniques.  I gradually developed my own rustic style that has evolved over the years to include an eclectic mix of vintage ephemera and fabrics along with distressed paint finishes.

I am very influenced by French and European styles and I run painting classes teaching others how to make things look aged and how to work with different materials and colours.  It's hard to make a living from hand making everything so I have produced a range of patterns and books to help people create their own versions.  The fun is in creating and sharing with others, I am always blown away when I see someone else's interpretation of one of my designs.

I love working with colour and also go out to people's homes to help with their interior colour schemes.

You can contact me through my website, and you can see the things we make in the classes in the Gallery.  You can also follow what I'm up to on Facebook.

Hope to see you at the Craft Love Festival,

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Crazybird Designs

Are you excited about Craft Love Festival? I know that I sure am! Today we get to meet the lovely Bryony of Crazybird Design, not only will you get to see her fabulous work at Craft Love Festival, but she is also one of the founding designers of Pay It Forward!

I live in Canterbury, where there is no shortage of inspiration. I love to work with recycled timber which I source from quake damaged houses that have had to be demolished. Using  colour, texture, vintage imagery and nature's shapes is a great way to show off the natural tones of the wood.  

In some of my work I'm inspired by antique nature art and the beautiful flora and fauna of New Zealand; capturing their shapes, textures and colours by hand burning the images into recycled rimu, kauri, cedar  and sycamore or by intricately cutting their likeness into paper. Other pieces have been inspired by vibrant colour and patterns or vintage whimsy-  whether it be  images from a storybook from years gone by, antique china and artwork or kitsch retro.

What makes your craft unique? I think using materials that have come from such a life changing event such as the Canterbury earthquakes lends a unique quality to my work. Add to that the ever changing elements of the other materials I use, such as re-using vintage textiles, means my collections are always evolving.

Who is your muse? Sometimes my muse is a person or event, spending time with creative people is always inspiring and gives me energy. A lot of the time inspiration comes from shape, colour or texture in nature or in the materials I find. I also love the feeling of giving something old, new life.

What do you love about selling at markets? I love getting to meet the people buying my stuff! Hearing what they like or what they would like me to make. It’s also a buzz, spending a day at a venue where it’s chokka full of awesome things people have made.

What does the term ‘Indie Design’ mean to you? Unique, hand-made, creative, eclectic. The support of the individually hand-crafted item...stepping away from the mass produced.

Where can we find you? On my website, Facebook page or email me -

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Cake Eating Co.

Today is the first of the blog posts introducing some of the fabulous stall holders that you will be able to discover at the Craft Love Festival in a couple of weeks time!

I am Jamie aka The Cake Eating Co. I make boutique cakes, chocolates and desserts for sale at markets and shops in Christchurch. I am chef turned pastry chef and chocolatier, mother of chef minion #1.

What makes your craft unique? My food is inspired by patisseries around the world as well as all the delicious produce I find around Canterbury. My goal is to make a product that blends these two together and celebrates the best of both. 

Who is your muse? My husband. He makes a weird suggestion for a food then stares at me as I go through my crazy thinking out loud process of creating a dessert.

What do you love about selling at markets? Two things:
1-being a chef I have spent most of my working life stuck in a kitchen and never really interacting with the people who eat my food. It is such a thrill to get positive feedback about what people love and what they want.
2-the 'market commerce'. I love being able to trade cakes for other goodies! Who doesn't love a barter system

What does the term ‘Indie Design’ mean to you? Something that is made by a small independent producer. Pretty much always top quality, unique, quirky and totally fun.

You can find Jamie on her website or on Facebook

Friday, September 27, 2013

Registrations are now open

'Craft Love Festival' is back and bigger than ever!

November 29th
5pm to 10pm
Mairehau High School

To celebrate the first ever print edition of Hazed we are hosting a fabulous celebration in the form of 'Craft Love Festival' we are stoked to be able to invite all and sundry to join us in this celebration. Not only will there be treats for shoppers but also treats for the stall holders too.

To register, simply fill out this online registration form.

Please complete the registration form before October 20th. We will endeavour to contact successful applications by November 1st, feel free to share this event with fellow crafters you believe may be interested.

We can't wait to celebrate the launch of Hazed together in style!!
x Holly + Hazel

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Photo Bomb...

In case you missed it on Facebook, here are the fabulous pictures of the evening, as taken by the gorgeous Utterly In Love!